Being a student, I hardly have enough to spend it on the essentials – let alone over things I WANT! This issue of I WANT is focused around things that we can make for ourselves, and cheap finds. DIY fashion ❤

(1) Marc Jacobs “Don’t Fuck with my Shit” gym lock. When I first saw this picture I thought that this was the sickest thing ever! I have looked everywhere online to find on – but can’t; if you know where to get one post a comment PLEASE! I wouldn’t fuck with their shit, but I would steal their lock! (2 & 3) DIY outfits. I love when people add things to an outfit to instantly make it a statement piece, or a one-of-a-kind. I love both pictures 2 and 3! I have seen someone who cut their tank top to match picture 3 – and it looked amazing! (4) Skittles + Vodka = possibly the greatest invention ever? It’s the greatest thing I have ever tasted, and is super easy to make.. plus it looks sick in photos! Yum!! (follow the link on how to make: http://mixthatdrink.com/skittles-vodka-tutorial/) (5) I want this – even though I don’t smoke. It’s hilarious because you always get people asking to borrow your lighter when they only cost a dollar, like don’t be a stingy bitch and go buy one?! This one is only available in the UK and doesn’t ship overseas 😦 Otherwise I would have bought about 5 at $5 each.


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