Omnivore No More

“I could never live without meat” – is a line I have used many times when discussing vegetarian or vegan diets. It’s probably true. I love chicken, lamb, beef, pork, veal, and seafood a lot, and I can not say I have ever eaten a hot dinner that doesn’t contain one of the meats.

I was looking through more of Jenna Mourey’s (AKA Jenna Marbles) diet and exercise YouTube video and discovered she was a vegan… for the most part. So, she is a strict vegan 6/7 days of the week and does moderate exercise – justifying her amazing bod. I went online to look for more information on a vegan lifestyle as all I know is you can’t eat any meat or bi-product of an animal (e.g. eggs, honey, milk).

Jumping online the first thing I searched for was “celebrities that are vegan” and followed a link – oh my god so many people I love share either a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle! The ones that really caught my attention were:
Vegetarians: Brad Pitt (WTF), Anne Hathaway, Brigitte Bardot, Claudia Schiffer, Jack Johnson, Kristen Bell, Natalie Portman, Nelly, Russell Brand, Samuel L. Jackson, Stella McCartney, Tom Delonge, Tommy Lee, Travis Barker, Kate Moss
Vegans: Alanis Morisette, Alicia Silverstone, Alyssa Milano, Andre 3000, Jared Leto, Jason Mraz, Mike Tyson, Portia de-Rossi, Stevo-O, Demi Moore. *I could be wrong on some of these, but it’s what the website said… ha

Honestly it astounded me to count the number of people who live day-to-day without meat… there was like 3 pages FULL of names! Even though I love meat so much, I have decided that I love animals and the thought of a bangin’ body so much more – so beginning on the first day of spring, my vegan lifestyle will begin. I’m not sure for how long or whether I will last, but I am optimistic and excited!

After watching Jenna Mourey’s video on her diet, I thought:“fuck! she gets excited off having whole wheat toast with organic peanut butter for breakfast, and considers it a ‘treat’ to sprinkle some cinnamon on it – *wahh* I want to be her!” So… I went searching for a vegan book to explain thins a bit more (I’d rather a book with everything in it than to search sites) and bought “Skinny Bitch” by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin.  I had heard about this book years ago since Victoria Beckham was snapped carrying it, but knowing now that it is a strict, in your face vegan book I bought it, along with their cookbook “Bitch in the Kitch.” It should arrive between the 30th – the 6th, woo.

Comment if you would like to do this with me – I begin 1st September, first day of Spring. It’s kind of like a spring-cleaning of the body… haha gross -_-


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