Once again – apologies for not being regular with my posts. I have 4 assignments due this week, so I couldn’t find time for even a little update for you guys. Needless to say, two of the four are done – where the final two have yet to be started… eep!

Back to the post: this is my third I WANT for The Strip and the second for this month. I just want so much – all of things that I can’t afford (being a full-time student and without a job does not leave me with extra spending money… so I need a job soon!) In the last edition of I WANT I mentioned Jeffrey Campbell Nightwalk platforms – desperate to buy a pair I went down to Tuchuzy in Bondi Beach to find out that they had been sold out, and didn’t know if they were getting anymore in. So I left my number incase they were ordering anymore – honestly, i’m pretty disappointed – it would have been the biggest impulse buy because they are so different, but the weather is beginning to warm and those shoes are too heavy for any of my summer attires. Shame.

I have been eyeing this dress ever since it popped up on www.mycatwalk.com.au – Shakuhachi have designed this amazing daisy crochet dress! It would be the ultimate summer outfit – it’s just so pretty! I also love that the same design comes in a tank and shorts. On the site it is AU$380, which is cheaper comparing to another website I visited. Teamed with tan wedges, nude make-up, soft curls and a nose hoop (to add some edge) would be amazing!
I didn’t get my tragus pierced after long deliberation because i’m wanting to get my nose done during the second week of september.. oddly specific? Yes, well the first weekend I’m going to my dad’s for his birthday, so knowing that I would have to go out to dinner with my nan I don’t want it to look or be sore. Even though I desperately want a hoop because it is just so Abbey Lee Kersaw-esc, I read that a stud is the best during the healing period as it won’t get caught. However as soon as I am able to change it I will switch to the hoop – hopefully by the time Parklife festival comes around it will be fully healed!

Speaking of Parklife – I still need to get both my Parklife and Stereosonic tickets ASAP!! I will not miss it for anything because festival season is my favourite season of the year, haha!


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