Without style, without my respect.

Every morning I wake up with the same problem: What to wear? This question should be simple but instead it brings forth even more questions like when was the last time I wore this? is it matching? does it look stupid?!

I always take notice of what people are wearing, especially when I really like their style, but never actually look. When I’m saying “look” I mean have observing each piece of clothing, and accessories that have been teamed-up to make the outfit.

Honestly, I love people who have their own unique style no matter how outrageous it may be because it shows charisma and a pride in presentation – but I don’t think I would ever be able to appreciate people without style, who wear whatever-wherever… like there comes a point where people wearing ugg boots and a denim mini to a supermarket should be refused entry just because you are making me literally claw my own eyes out!

I don’t think I am a judging person, well… too much of one anyway – but if you’re into fashion as much as I am next time your around a group of people or out on the street, sit down and REALLY look at what they are wearing because it astounded me to see the amount of items that made me question what on earth possessed them to buy it? Seriously, you will begin to notice every army-pant, cartoon-printed tee and jeans + sneakers collaboration within a 500m radius.


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