Renovate myself.

My last few posts have been about creating a healthier lifestyle for myself, I really want to put this into full-force and renovate me inside and out. Now is the time to tear out the old habits, sand-down my doughy physique and start from scratch. Working from the ground up I can then; reinforce my lifestlye, polish my appearance, and maintain, maintain, maintain!

As a kick-start motivation if I can make it to Sunday eating super-healthy, exercise and finish my assignments I will get my tragus pierced. I have always wanted it done, and now seems a fitting time to do so 🙂 Then, if I make it to September I will get my nose pierced – don’t judge, two weeks of being a health-freak will be the biggest challenge for a girl who has never had to diet before/may be a self-proclaimed choc-o-holic…



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2 Responses to Renovate myself.

  1. gr8 blog. ur quest is rely inspirational nd is inspiring me to exercisze more 2 lol thx

  2. lovelymsnicole says:

    It’s great that you’re taking charge of your life and becoming more healthy. Just try not to do too much too soon. That usually burns people out. But I love how you have goals. Keep at it!

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