This Little Blogette.

Before I begin, I was thinking of blog titles and how they take of i.e. Rumi Neely’s “Fashiontoast” and I thought of the title “Blogette” was pretty cute. Anyway comment whether or not I should change my blog title & it would be amazing if my readers would take these questions themselves – I would love to find out your opinions/ a little bit about you guys! xx

Book: Nineteen Minutes – Jodi Picoult
Movie: ahh so many! Mean Girls, Green Mile, Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, The Hangover 1&2, I Love You, Man and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Song: I don’t really have one, but I have talked about with my best friend “s” songs to play at each others funeral (god forbid) so I guess I would have to say November Rain by Guns N Roses?
Music Genre: I think I may have the largest selection of music on my iPod ever. I love house, hip hop, rap, rock, alternate, indie, pop, screamo, heavy metal, moombathon, drum&bass, dubstep… pretty much everything bar country and trance.
Brand: Maurie&Eve, Jeffrey Campbell, Shakuhachi, Sass & Bide, Stylestalker, Josh Goot, Alexander McQueen, Camilla & Marc, Romance Was Born, One Teaspoon, Ksubi, Lover by Susien Chong… to name a few 😛
TV Shows: Family Guy, Skins, How I Met Your Mother, Gossip Girl, Sex & The City, Scrubs (seasons 1 – 6 ONLY), Underbelly
Scent: for boys – Jean Paul Gautier, for girls – Chanel Mademoiselle or Vera Wang Princess.
Food: avocado… weird I know but if there is something on a menu with avocado on it, I would be sure to pick it.
Drink of Choice: Apple Martini
Read: Vogue, it’s my bible.
Accessory: big rings! 

If you had to pick:
One other city to live in: New York hands down.
Three celebrities to have at a dinner party: Joan Rivers because she is so hilarious, Lady Gaga because she is just so amazing and Chris Brown for desert 😉 he is a babe!
One Luxury: my bed – I love sleep!


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