This is my second issue of I WANT for The Strip. This month I want so much, I can’t contain it into one singular post; so this month there will be two I WANT issues for you!

I love vintage, not floral-vintage but 80’s and grunge styled vintage. This is why I love, love, love the Moschino vintage belt. I have been on the look out for one of these everywhere (Thailand included), it looks amazing with jeans and to synch in the waistline when wearing dresses. Alike the first issue of I WANT every wardrobe needs one gold statement piece, and this Moschino belt is just that! The only place I have managed to find them is on e-bay for above AUD$150 – once I save some dollars this will be the first off of my list!

The scent of the moment is Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle. The scent is suitable for both day and night and is a classic – nothing short of what Chanel would put her name to! Currently I wear Vera Wang’s Princess perfume which is divine, but if I had to pick one perfume to wear for the rest of my life, it would be Coco Mademoiselle!

What has been in trend this year is crystal pendants – and I have found an amazing collection by the brand: Unearthen. These pendants are personalised to size and gem stone – you can practically select any you like. The crystals are attached to the necklace by what looks like bullet casings, very grunge and rustic. You can browse their online shop for these pendants and other jewellery they have on: http://www.seeunearthen.com/ and follow the links.

Yes, i’m going to do it again… yet another post about Jeffrey Campbell shoes. The new ones I want are the Lady Gaga-esc Nightwalk, they are a black suede anit-heel pair of JC’s that have a mary-jane style from the front. I’m not sure how comfortable/easy it is to walk in this masterpiece but I have learnt that beauty is pain, and these sure are beautiful. These shoes had been sold out EVERYWHERE but new stocks are coming in, so I will be getting my little mitts on a pair of these!

Tuchuzy is by far my favourite boutique in Sydney! It is located on Gould Street in Bondi Beach. Plain and simple, I WANT EVERYTHING IN TUCHUZY! Every time I step into the store it is full of the latest and cutting-edge clothes, shoes and accessories a girl could ever wish for (not to mention their interior is ultra-mod)! They sell the two items that I want above: Unearthen crystal pendant and Nightwalk JC shoes. They stock a large selection of brands including: Arnsdorf, Bassike, Bec&Bridge, Claude Maus, Ellery, Friend of mine, Jeffrey Campbell, Karen Walker Eyeware, Lover by Susien Chong, Maniamania, Museum, Stylestalker, and so much more! Check out their blog on: http://www.tuchuzy.com/


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