A Return to Reality

Now that I am back home, all of those things that I have ran away from and kept off-mind for the past 2 weeks are now staring me in the face.

I was offered a vaccation with my best friend “S” to the land of Thai and accepted without hesitation, knowing that I would miss weeks of college. (I would have done it reguardless of the situation, it was my first trip overseas and clearly by the amount of posts tagged with Thailand, I was excited.) Now I am back to the realtity of facing college again and having to catch-up on ALL that I have missed and making up the extra time for my assignments. Chosing sunbaking over studying has its consequences, and I am just beginning to realise them. *sigh*

In a previous post I wrote that once I returned I will focus on my fitness and health – I have not forgotten! A lot more of my posts will be focused around health, fitness, foods, and beauty – and coming up soon a new “I WANT” post (look out for it within the next couple of days). I am going to the supermarket this afternoon to buy some much needed detox food! I think i am going to be very strict with my diet seeing as we ate soooo much!!


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