I love wearing black, it goes with everything and even black on black looks amazing. I especially love black when you mix it one item that is gold, whether it be a jacket, bangle, skirt or pair of shoes. I WANT = a gold statement piece

I always wear big rings. I love my House of Harlow sundial ring and tribal ring, there is at least one of these on my fingers every time I go out. I also have a large turquoise ring I bought from Bondi markets (on every Sunday) and a pink Swarovski crystal ring I was given by my mum last Christmas. The ring I have drooled over for the past year and a half is Yves Saint Laurent’s Arty Ring = I WANT

No doubt about it I am a shoe lover, except I only buy shoes I MUST have… not shoes that I only just like. My theory: if I can’t stop thinking about it, I have to buy it! I was thinking of buying yet another pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas’ but since I will only get a few more weekends out of them I am thinking I might as well wait it out so I can buy a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Foxys instead. Ever since I saw Alexa Chung wear a pair of ACNE Atacoma Wedges I have been in love, they don’t continue them anymore but they are just such a classic item for any wardrobe! I WANT = ACNE Atacoma wedges and JC Foxy platforms


Make-up is something I could spend an endless amount of time on. On a night out I spend the most time on my eyes using: mascara, black liquid eyeliner, and black and gold eye shadow. Mascara – Maybeline Falsies | Eyeliner – RIMMEL exaggerate liquid | Eye shadow – Dior metallic colour pallet, Napoleon Perdis #23 & MAC carbon eyeshadow (I will post a photo of my makeup tomorrow)
The style trend that I love is black lips – paired with a high bun or soft curls it looks amazing (if you can pull it off). I WANT = MAC “Black Knight” lipstick.

The iPhone now has the greatest attachment ever – rather you attach your iPhone to it. It is a retro spiral-cord phone! Alternative kids will go crazy with this buy… I mean just imagine watching someone go past talking this coming out of their pocket – haha! I love it, it’s adorable, yet the coolest thing ever. I WANT = weirdly cool iPhone accessory



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2 Responses to I WANT

  1. bekab718 says:

    Feel ya on the gold statement piece! Need one!

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