Today was full on. I slept in through my alarm and woke up 2hrs later than originally planned, I wasn’t supposed to be anywhere at a certain time but I had so much to get through! I had to get my summer clothes that had been in storage to wash and iron them so that I can pack them for my trip. I then got ready for the day and went down to the shopping centre so that I could get my travel card (to access money overseas) and to get a flu vaccination.

I was in the doctors for probably an hour all up JUST to get a stupid flu needle. Sitting in the waiting room all I could hear was children crying and screaming – being by myself I just had my iPhone to keep me company. The young child that had been crying walked out of the pathology room (where I was to get my needle) and I began to grow a little anxious. Putting on a brave face for the mothers and children seated, then the doctor gave me my shot as they “eeked”. I’m not going to lie that was the MOST PAINFUL NEEDLE I HAVE EVER GOT… even worse than the set of cervical cancer injections! It felt as if within the needle there was a miniature metal pole being forced into my blood stream. Ahh!!!

I then drove myself to uni so that I could finish an assignment before I go away, but naturally I got caught up on Facebook and before knew it on had only contributed 200 words and 15 minutes before class began. The whole day I have had a mild headache, I don’t know whether it was: a) a side effect of the needle, b) my brain making me think I should have a side effect therefore giving me a headache, c) having so much to do in such little time, d) this boy making me feel unbelievably guilty for a petty thing, or e) my ridiculously high bun.

The only thing that has seemed to calm it is listening to a bit of Miss Winehouse.


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