Jeffrey Campbell – Lita

Okay, so if you read my previous post you will have noticed that I had been searching for Jeffrey Campbell and bought some on I know that JC’s aren’t new to the scene – but my blog is new so shut up. Every time I wear them out to the cross or even to house parties I ALWAYS get girls coming up to me saying they love my shoes, asking if they are JC’s and make new friends because of them (weird I know, but it happens every time… if you happen to be friendless my advice: buy Jeffrey Campbells).

Jeffrey Campbell Lita

Those are the pair I bought, they arrived on Valentines Day too! Apart from the fact that these shoes are a statement piece, it came to me that maybe the reason why these platforms are so popular and loved is because they channel our inner child. When I was around 5 the Spice Girls were bigger than big; I must have had every Spice Girls’ CD, trading photos, junk they ever made… oh god, I even had them in Barbie form. But, the one thing that I used to obsess over was their outfits – to be more specific was their platforms (I wanted Geri’s Union Jack platforms so bad!).

When comparing the two – it’s clear to me that the inspiration behind the Lita’s was Spice Girls. I mean just look at it! That’s why I love them, that’s why you love them… Jeffrey Campbell you are a pure genius!


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