Tonight I went out to dinner with my girls to an Indian restaurant. I will admit I have NEVER eaten Indian food before (for a 20 year old that is both culturally and socially shameful) and it wasn’t so bad. I have always been a fussy eater, especially with other cultures foods – so I surprised myself when I actually tried a little bit of everything (bar the cheesy naan bread).

One of my friends “K” had just returned from her European vacation, so we all had to catch up again before me and S left for Thailand. K said that she had the best time, spending it in Germany and France. It was good to see her again, because just seeing her updates over Facebook made me miss her so much!

After dinner we drove back to K’s house for some coffee and to show her a video on Australia’s Next Top Model website which had a hilarious clip that featured a girl (a few years below us at school) being told that she wasn’t right for the competition. Before you go thinking i’m a major bitch, we weren’t laughing at the fact she got rejected but we were laughing at her response. I mean if looks could kill, judges Sarah Murdoch, Charlotte Dawson and Alex Perry may as well have been 6-feet under.


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